Custom Fit means: that a custom seat cover will be specially made to fit your seat with style. The material of choice will cover the entire seat front, back and sides. These give by far the best possible fit. Custom fit seat covers will be made to fit any seat including split style bench seats such as 70/30, 60/40, 50/50 or 40/20/40 split or other split type seats.

Custom fit seat covers are guaranteed to fit and will accommodate in-seat shoulder belts, fold down arm rests, control lever cut-outs and built-in and side impact air bags IF YOU ADVISE US OF THEM at the time of your order. Map pockets are extra.

Custom Fit will be made to fit any seat including:

* Any Full size pick-up seats (front and/or rear)
* Any Passenger Car seats  (front and/or rear)
* Captain's Chairs  (front and/or rear)
* Air bags built into seats. (front and/or rear)
* Built-in shoulder belts. (front and/or rear)
* Bench seat w/ fold down console/arm rests. (front and/or rear)
* Any Split bench seat (40/20/40, 60/40 etc. - front and/or rear)
* Seats with attached arm rests.  (front and/or rear)
* All  Jeep, Van or SUV seats.  (front and/or rear)
* Domestic or Foreign cars, trucks and SUVs.  (front and/or rear)
* Pretty much ANYTHING ...
Head rest, arm rest and console covers (if needed) are sold separately. They are not included automatically with your Custom fit seat cover order and require an additional charge.