Universal Fit means: that the seat cover are pre-made to fit a wide range of seats without any modifications. This includes most high back bucket seats or low back bucket seats. They are not custom made and may be tight in some areas or baggy in other areas.

The fabric material you choose will cover the entire seating area and the rest of the seat cover is made out of a matching stretchable knitted wool or acrylic fiber, wrapping completely around the sides, back and bottom.

Universal will not fit these seats:

* Any Full size pick-up
* Captain's Chairs
* Passenger Car front bench seats
* Air bags built into seats
* Built-in shoulder belts
* Bench seat w/ fold down console/arm rest
* Any Split bench seat (20/40/20, 60/40 etc.)
* Seats with attached arm rests
* Any Jeep Liberty Seats (front or rear)
* Jeep Wrangler rear bench seats

* Ford Explorer Seats

* Toyota Tercel bucket seats - any year 

Head rest, arm rest and console covers (if needed) are sold separately. They are not included automatically with your Universal fit seat cover order and require an additional charge.